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Check-ins with our professional staff will help keep you on track by providing you with the accountability needed to stay strong. When we think no one is watching we to tend revert back to our unhealthy habits. We all know how the old saying goes: when the cat’s away, the mouse will play. Well, we are never away!

Support Groups

It is important to know that you are not alone on the journey to a healthier you. In addition to our trained staff, there have been many before you that have experienced some of the same struggles. Support groups offer a platform where we can bounce ideas off of each other as well as provide accountability.

Personal Nutrition Counseling

Our goal here at Shamba is to provide simple to understand and easy to follow professionally structured personal nutrition programs. We were not all created equal as far as the calorie is concerned, so the cookie cutter approach to diet does not work.

Nutrition Seminars

We believe that knowledge is power and that is why as part of the Shamba community you will have access to our informative and comprehensive nutrition and fitness seminars. In these seminars our trained staff will cover many different topics related to health and wellness. We then like to close out the seminar with an extended Q&A time. We have found this is where some of our best work is done.


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