Top 3 Reasons Why You Can’t Overhead Squat and How to Fix Them

The overhead squat requires just the right combination of flexibility, strength, power and coordination. If you have ever attempted one, you know all too well.  Performed correctly it can be a powerful tool in the development of an athlete’s ability. When done wrong it is not only dangerous, but very frustrating. While all lifters tend to be a little different and require a slightly different approach, there are a few simple things to take a look at when trying to improve the overhead squat.

  1. Your air squat sucks! Many lifters skip mastering the fundamentals on the basic lifts, which make the more complex, such as the overhead squat, snatch clean, lifts possible. Go back to the basics and perfect your technique from the ground up.
  2. You don’t do it enough. Unless you were one of the lucky few that came to the party flexible, this move requires many hours of practice, evaluation and hard work to master. To become proficient at anything 10,000+ hours are needed. So, get to work!
  3. Your core is weak! Do you fold in half when you squat? This is a problem. Developing a strong core that can keep your back vertical is essential to safely progressing in the overhead squat. Do supplemental core exercises. Everyday.  
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