Don't Be A Dick: Gym Etiquette

Here are some cues to mastering gym etiquette:

  1. Put your weights away when you are done using them. No one likes to clean up after you.
  2. If someone is about to perform an lift (particularly an Olympic/Power lift), do not stand directly in front of them. That eye contact is awkward and it can be distracting to them.
  3. Wipe you sweat off of equipment. Again, no one likes to clean up after you...especially bodily fluids.
  4. Don't leave a pile of chalk on the floor. Unless you want Jake to make you do burpees.
  5. Don't fart in a closed space where others are (ahem Jake). 

How To Do Better in the CrossFit Open

Every year we get together for 5 weeks and put the past year's training to the test. There will be no faking it here - the bro reps wont be counted and only if you’ve put in the sweat, tears, and sometimes blood, do you even stand a chance to compete with the best. Even then your chances are bleak unless you are strong AF, your gymnastics is on point, and you’re a fucking machine.

            In order to get better in the Open, your focus should be on getting stronger in the Squat, Deadlift and Press for the majority of the year. You will also want to pay close attention to the Snatch and Clean & Jerk. This is tricky though, Olympic lifting for technique and Olympic lifting for Crossfit is much different but you need to practice both. Olympic lifting with technique makes you better at Crossfit, but Crossfit doesn’t make you better at Olympic lifting.

            Simultaneously you should be working on your gymnastics skills. Everyone will have a different focus here but a good place to start, as with everything, is with the fundamentals. Do hollow holds, handstand holds, strict pull ups, push ups, dips and arch to hollow swings. For a more detailed program check this one out.

            Now, we can’t forget about your cardiovascular endurance. To get the most out of the years lifting and protect your precious gainz, keep metabolic conditioning workouts to under 10 minutes. Start ramping up around November-ish by adding in some longer and more frequent MetCons. The Open starts at the end of February and you will want be have world class conditioning by then. You should follow a program that consists of running, rowing, swimming and all sorts of others sucky shit.

            So to recap: lift heavy and often, work on your gymnastics, film yourself, analyze, make adjustments, watch all the videos (of the experts) and work your ass off. And remember -this is supposed to be fun, so loosen up and enjoy the ride.